What is “Vibrant Learning”?

Vibrant Learning is my vision for leading, teaching, and learning that I often summarize as: engage ~ equip ~ empower


I believe that students need to be actively engaged in their learning. A vibrant learning community is one where students are dynamic and passionate participants in the learning process. This community values creative and critical thinking over teacher communication, and emphasizes a search for meaning and understanding through opportunities for reflection and appreciation.


I believe that students need to be equipped with the appropriate knowledge and skills that will help them achieve their goals and serve in their community. To accomplish this, the learning environment should be one in which students are encouraged and challenged to stretch themselves, to strive for excellence, and to know that they have teachers and other caring adults who believe in their potential. Students need to be provided with opportunities to value collaboration, support each other, and, by extension, serve in the community, too.


I believe that students need to feel empowered to change the world and make it a better place. Students need to know that there are social injustices that can be corrected and that what they are learning can help them influence and contribute meaningfully to society.

Vibrant Learning = engage ~ equip ~ empower


This brief paper outlines my philosophy of vibrant learning in more detail:

A Philosophy of Vibrant Learning by H.F. Algera, Ed.D.