Online/Community-based component

The online/community-based component consists of those courses required for high school graduation, but are not necessarily taught by the high school faculty. This will include courses in the sciences, such as general science, biology, chemistry or physics, as well as subject areas such as health, physical education, and the fine arts and performing arts. Since these courses are required by larger groups of students at the same time, as opposed to electives that are chosen by individual students, an entire class of students enroll together in a course-specific section. These courses are completed either online by a content provider, or on campus, through a co-teaching arrangement with local faculty and community resources.

Any online classes need to be state approved/accredited and offer a pedagogically-sound, researched-based curriculum that is user friendly, adaptive and provides multiple learning modalities for students. Local learning coaches oversee individual student progress, group online projects, and various group discussions.

The assessment of the online/community-based courses is determined by the method of instructional delivery. Online courses typically follow the assessment procedures developed by the course provider. The community-based classes are competency-based and may also include internships with local businesses and service learning.