Student experience

Through a combination of learning experiences either on-campus, online, or in the community, students will be able to experience a vibrant learning environment and fulfill their graduation requirements. Three significant features will impact a student’s learning experience while enrolled in school:

  1. A student’s Personal Learning Plan.
  2. Opportunities for service learning.
  3. The Capstone Project, which will provide all students with the opportunity to review, reflect, document and celebrate their growth throughout high school with respect to the school’s mission for its students.


What will a student’s day look like?

All classroom and online instruction at is delivered by certified teachers. The trio of learning formats (the on-campus core, online classes, and the community-based courses) requires a degree of flexible scheduling during the typical school day.

On-campus classes are typically organized into 60-minute learning sessions that are offered throughout the day. Between theses learning sessions, students have an opportunity to continue with their online courses, either as a group or individually on course electives.  The focus on the quality of classroom learning over the quantity of time spent in a particular class helps students develop even stronger time management and organizational skills.

A student’s schedule includes the following:

Learning seminars 

Learning commons

Learning lab

Learning à la carte

Service Learning

What is a “day in the life” of a high school student engaged in vibrant learning?