About this blog

This blog is a record of my readings, research, resources and reflections as I work to implement my vision of “Vibrant Learning” in a school setting.

I started documenting this process after initiating the development of a high school (grades 9 – 12) as an extension of a local private school’s current K-8 grade offerings.

The high school plan was developed upon the research base supporting the 21st century skills movement* and I was deliberate to consider best practices for secondary education.

In essence, my goal was to offer a high school experience that demonstrates what good teaching and learning should look like in a grades 9-12 environment.

The emphasis is on a high quality, vibrant learning experience that is focused on academic excellence and grounded in student development and service. It is designed to exceed the minimum high school graduation requirements for the state and it is aligned with the knowledge, skills and competencies required for the 21st century. Instruction focuses on project-based learning and fosters a high degree of student engagement, which are necessary aspects supporting “vibrant learning.”

I invite you to follow closely on my education adventure.

Henry F. Algera, Ed.D.


*See for example:

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