Even more on leadership for learning

I have been thinking about leadership skills, and especially those that are needed to advance student learning in a school setting. My first post emphasized the “real power” of relationships, collaboration, equality, conversation and coaching:

  • Acknowledging and developing all the relationships involved in the learning process.
  • Collaborating to achieve results in learning.
  • A spirit of equality that fosters trust and opportunity for growth in everyone’s learning.
  • Meaningful conversations that honor a teacher’s voice and ability to impact change for learners.
  • Coaching as a meaningful investment in growing people for further thought, creativity and innovation.

My second post attempted to frame these essential skills as an action-response to the important question “Why are we here?” Leadership for learning helps remind teachers and staff members why they committed to engaging students in the first place; that we possess a sense of vocation that really matters as we make a positive difference in the lives of kids.

I have been thinking that this type of action-response comes out of a professionally-oriented growth mindset that acknowledges the potential and possibilities of working together to further student learning. Such a mindset focuses on fostering relationships and commits to a “with proper support, collaboration, and partnership, where you are 8-12 years from now will be further than I will ever be at any time in my career” mentality when working with others (see here for more about this idea). This mindset values open communication and providing timely feedback, too, as we all work together. It would seem to me that such a mindset would continually create a culture of progress and achievements in learning.


L. Fliegelman – 2 Top things teachers want from their principal

S. LeDeaux – Leaders: Strive to be the weak link


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