Learning from a question week: Day 4 – In the lab (again)

The focus for today’s class-time was to continue our research and attempt to answer our questions in the lab. I reminded the students that our goal is to share our findings publicly through our newly-opened blog sites. Then, following a good question on using an image in a post, I led a brief discussion on the importance of citing other people’s work. I knew that they were used to this step in their language arts class research, but the reminder served as a good prompt that much of what we learn in one class applies to other classes, too. This included also included a quick lesson on linking websites within a blog post. We then went to work.

As we focused our efforts in the computer lab, I heard a number of comments that were signs of student engagement in the entire process:

This is awesome!

I like how this looks online.

How can I change the size of this image?

How do I change …., because it doesn’t look good enough for others to see?

I was even more interested in those comments that hinted at the thinking behind the student questions:

I never knew that the deep ocean was so interesting.

I was glad to learn more about NASA’s plans for sending astronauts in space.

Until now, I only thought that dogs could see in black and white. It was interesting to learn that they can actually see in some, but not all, colors.


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