Science news in the classroom

We held our second “science news” day today and through this activity, I was able to learn a lot more about my students’ interests in science. I am learning that I have a few students who are keenly interested in space exploration. One student shared news about research into deep sea life, and another shared recent discoveries in marine archaeology. Among other science news, we received an update on the impact of climate change and the life expectancy of starfish, research into lime disease in squirrels, as well as a report on the developing field of scientific-based art.

I find that I am able to remember these individual interests and then reference them in conversations later in science class. This has been helpful as I strive to develop a learning community for this year.

One of my goals for “science news” is to offer opportunities to students to explore the fields of science and pursue their own interests in a field that interests them. This process is also meant to introduce my students to quality online science resources as well as provide an opportunity for students to develop their information fluency.

Overall, I find that the students have been quite interested in reporting their science news. Some of the discussions that come out of a student-reported news story has led to new questions and further research. Clearly, this is a process that the students find engaging, too.


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