Personalized, Differentiated and Individualized Learning

I came across this post and handy chart that attempts to distinguish among personalized learning, differentiated learning, and individualized learning in the classroom across multiple dimensions. I like how the the authors suggested that it all depends on our starting point. Personalized student learning starts with the students first; the other two take something that was designed for the larger group of students and attempts to adapt it for groups and individuals. That is, one is learner-centered and the others are more teacher-centered.

As a point of comparison, personalized learning connects learning with student interests and passions. Students are active participants in the design of their learning. In a differentiated classroom the teacher designs instruction based on the learning needs of a group of students. In the individualized classroom, the teacher customizes instruction based on the learning needs of individual students.

It seems to me that each orientation attempts to engage students in their learning. I would argue that a personalized learning situation would be the most engaging for students and lead to a more vibrant learning environment. I also like how a personalized setting can help foster a higher degree of student ownership in their learning. This would help equip the students with necessary learning skills and could also empower them to become more self-directed in their learning, too.



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