A wide selection of science classes in a hybrid school

Students gained access to their online classes today, and they appeared eager to get started learning again. As we begin this year, I was reminded of my post on choosing between honors-level and “regular” classes. The advantage of learning in a hybrid context is that we are able to offer a wide range of classes to a relatively small student population. For example, this year I have one student taking a class in marine science and four students choosing biology as their science. I have one student taking honors-level Earth and Space Science. Two others are taking chemistry, with one challenging herself by taking the honors-level class.

As I talk with them regarding their science choices, each commented that they appreciated having the freedom to choose an area that interested them. My honors-level chemistry student is particularly self-motivated to learn more about this field and appreciates “the challenge of going deeper.” I am glad that each student will be able to interact with other students worldwide who are also enrolled in the same class.

I love how we can engage students in their learning by offering a range of options, knowing that the courses are accredited and are taught by state-certified teachers who are science specialists in their field. I hope that the teachers will be able to pass on their passion to our students.


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