The new leadership for learning

Real leadership … lies in work relationships that are formed and intentionally sustained.

I believe that leadership for learning is a professional mindset that focuses on improving the learning conditions and achievement results of students. Such leadership helps teachers grow in their ability to leave a positive impact on student learning in and out of the classroom.

I came across an article that highlighted five aspects of “real power” in leading. I thought that these points could easily apply to my philosophy of leadership, too:

1. Relationships – Leadership for learning involves paying attention to all relationships involved in the learning process; working together for the common good and achieve together.

2. Collaboration – Leadership for learning assumes a high degree of collaboration that results in achieving results for the learners.

3. Equality – Leadership for learning acknowledges that everyone has a stake in the learning success of all students. With this in mind learning leaders need to lead in a spirit of equality; one that fosters trust and opportunity for growth.

4. Conversation – Leadership for learning includes an emphasis on meaningful conversations that allow ideas, relationships and success to develop. These conversations honor teachers’ voices and their ability to impact change for their learners.

5. Coaching – Leadership for learning views coaching as a meaningful investment in growing people to impact the change that the other aspects hint at. Coaching becomes a platform for further thought, creativity and innovation.


M.J. Asmus – What is real power?


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