A question I am asking myself

It was the title that first caught my attention:

Wanted: More gutsy leaders to drive schools into the digital age.

I guess when you think and research so much about improving teaching and have devoted so much time to improving classroom learning by leveraging various technologies as part of a greater vision for school, that you don’t think of yourself as ‘gutsy’ or daring or different than others, especially if your reference points are schools and school leaders who appear to be doing so much more than you.

Still, this article highlighted the need for learning leaders to have vision and the necessary fortitude to sustain new initiatives, especially when it is easier to do things “the way we always do it around here.” I believe we need to think differently about the learning that is taking place in the classroom and about preparing our students for their future. We need to embrace the opportunities that technologies can offer in support of student learning. We need a strong plan, and the appropriate follow-through, that will help realize our vision for learning. Part of this includes securing the necessary buy-in by all stakeholders, and especially starting with the students.

The question that I am regularly asking myself is:

What action will I continue in order to realize my vision?


Murphy, M. E. – Wanted: More gutsy leaders to drive schools into digital age


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