7 initial steps when planning an integrated PBL project

Here is a good video from the Buck Institute for Education on planning an integrated PBL unit.

I noted the following seven initial planning steps that this group of teachers followed when collaboratively planning for their integrated PBL unit:

  1. Each participating teacher identifies the key learning standards for their content area and grade level.
  2. Each teacher drafts an appropriate assessment on these standards for their content area. This step is meant to help focus on the essential skills needed to demonstrate mastery on the standard.
  3. In a group, each teacher talks through their own standards explaining them to the rest of the group so that they all have a general understanding of the content knowledge and/or skills required to demonstrate proficiency on the standards. The teachers also address what they need to do to get students to demonstrate proficiency on these standards.
  4. The teachers then discuss natural ways that the standards overlap. They look for possible thematic relationships among the standards of the different content areas.
  5. The teachers develop an end product focus for the project by answering a guiding question such as “What is it we are trying to solve/create/develop …?”
  6. Each teacher then determines what they need to do in their own class in order to bring students to the end product while meeting their own content area learning standards.
  7. The teachers co-develop an overall instructional timeline for the length of the project.

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